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MARUtCHA thé japonais

Dentô Hon-gyokuro grand cru "Kirari 31" 伝統本玉露, 30g

Dentô Hon-gyokuro grand cru "Kirari 31" 伝統本玉露, 30g

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Green tea very rich in umami
Harvested in Yame, Fukuoka
Cultivar: Kirari 31
Pesticides free

Literally, real traditional gyokuro. By definition, gyokuro is only harvested once a year and is picked by hand.
In Yamé, in addition to the above, let's list some characteristics that make this gyokuro so valuable. Tea grows in the mountains in soft light. It is still shaded using straw and not black synthetic nets. This technique, which requires much more work, keeps the temperature lower in the fields and preserves the tea plants. Then, only “one bud and two leaves” are picked.

This exceptional product is only available in very limited quantities.

umami ★★★
body ★★★

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