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MARUtCHA thé japonais

Landed - Hawk (in blue)

Landed - Hawk (in blue)

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Acrylic, Sumi Ink, Pencil, China Marker, and pen on 48 x 36 cm 425 g/m² Hahnemühle paper. The source material for this piece is a color woodblock by Keisei Eisen, “Hawk on a Snowy Pine Branch”, between 1827 & 1833.

440fr. frame included

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Birdsong of Hawk (Taka) on YouTube

Artist: Andrew Weir
Andrew Weir is a Scottish artist who has exhibited on four continents: he is notably represented by the Paul Stewart Gallery in Paris and participated in the Taiheiyo exhibition at the Tokyo National Arts Center in 2015.
"Landed" a new series of paintings responding to the events of recent years using ukiyo-e birds deposited in new environments.

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