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Landed - 'Wagtail (in red)'

Landed - 'Wagtail (in red)'

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Landed” is a series of paintings using birds found in Ukiyo-e artwork dropped into new environments. The source material of this image is a color woodblock by Hokusai titled 'Wisteria and wagtail”, about 1834.

Sumi Ink, Spray Paint, Acrylic, China Marker, and Pencil on 425 g/m² Hahnemühle Aquarell paper.

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Birdsont of wagtail (sekirei) on YouTube

Artist: Andrew Weir
Andrew Weir is a Scottish artist who has exhibited on four continents: he is notably represented by the Paul Stewart Gallery in Paris and participated in the Taiheiyo exhibition at the Tokyo National Arts Center in 2015.
"Landed" a new series of paintings responding to the events of recent years using ukiyo-e birds deposited in new environments.

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