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MARUtCHA thé japonais

The Delights of Tokyo - Durian SUKEGAWA (French)

The Delights of Tokyo - Durian SUKEGAWA (French)

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Paperback Reading Awards 2017

"Listen to the voice of the beans": this is the secret of Tokue, an old lady with mysteriously deformed fingers, to succeed in an , the red bean paste that accompanies dorayaki , Japanese pastries. Sentarô, who has agreed to hire Tokue in his shop, sees his clientele double overnight, won over by his pastry skills. But the old lady hides a less avowable secret and disappears as she had appeared, leaving Sentarô to interpret in her own way the lesson she shared with her.
Beautifully adapted for the screen by Cannes-winning filmmaker Naomi Kawase, Durian Sukegawa's novel is an ode to cooking and life. Poignant, poetic, sensual: a delight.

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