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MARUtCHA thé japonais

Sencha for iced tea, 80g

Sencha for iced tea, 80g

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Green tea
pesticide free

Shipped directly from Mr. Hattori's tea farm in Shizuoka, Japan.

sweetness ★★
umami ★
body ★

◎ Japanese-style cold tea, instructions for use

Japanese-style cold tea is not chilled tea, but the result of cold brewing.

To make it, you need:
✓ a loose tea of your choice... which you can buy from us if you want 😉
✓ water, spring or filtered if possible.
✓ a bottle with a filter. There are different kinds, in our experience those of the Hario brand are to be preferred.

Achievement :
1. for a volume of 6 to 7 dl, put between 5 and 7 teaspoons of tea leaves.
2. add ice cubes and cover with cold water.
3. Thoroughly mix the water and the leaves in a circular motion with the closed bottle.
4. infuse in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to 1.5 hours (even 3 hours sometimes). 15 minutes for small-leaved, umami-rich teas and, conversely, longer for long-leaved, regular teas. The tea and your preferences dictate the steeping time. Feel free to taste as you go.
5. Alternatively, you can also make some in the evening for the next day. In this case count 1 gram of tea per deciliter of water.
It's ready !

With this method the tea is very rarely bitter and low in caffeine.


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