About us

MARUTCHA is the first tea salon in Lausanne specialised in organic Japanese tea. This small salon can be characterised by its cosy and modern atmosphere. Origami workshops, tea workshops and Japanese lessons for travelling are also organised for enthusiasts of Japanese culture.

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MARUtCHA Charter

Here is what we offer:

1. Offering real Japanese tea of the highest quality
Our staff know precisely the temperature and the time necessary to provide the best infusion.

2. Taking care of your health
We insist on using ingredients produced from organic farming and cultivation. We avoid using plastic packaging.

3. We contribute as much as possible to the preservation of the planet.
We use eco-friendly packaging. Furthermore, we recommend you to bring your own tea cup so that you can play your part in tackling climate change! You will also get 50 % more point on your loyalty card (1.5 instead of 1)!