Tailor-made offers for your company/school

We can come to your home and create a tailor-made event according to your needs and budgets. (no travel costs in Lausanne, contact us for the surroundings.)
For non-profit organisations, please contact us.


We offer you :

  • Japanese green tea in bulk at advantageous prices (exclusively to quality restaurants)
  • Japanese pastries at great prices
  • “Tea party” tea service
  • Various workshops (tea tasting, customs, etc.)
  • Team building

“Tea party” tea service
  • Selection of Japanese teas available to enhance your tea party.
  • Savory and/or sweet bites of your choice
  • Crockery, infusion and tea service available on request
  • Minimum 10 p., 10fr - 20fr/p.

Workshop: tea tasting
  • Taste 2 – 4 different teas with traditional Japanese sweets.
  • Fees 20fr - 30fr/p. for 1 hour session


Workshop: tasting and tips for a successful infusion
  • How to make good Japanese tea at home. Learn and brew tea yourself.
  • Fees 25fr - 30fr/p. for 1 hour of session with traditional Japanese sweets.

Matcha workshop
  • Discover Japanese tea for those who do not know it or taste a tea made according to the rules of the art for others.
  • Learn and make matcha yourself with artisanal Japanese sweets.
  • Fees 35fr - 45fr/p. for 1 hour session

Team building
- around Japanese customs (business or tourism)

  • Are there any particular habits in the restaurant and in the public space? Let's discover together the customs of the country and see how to better interact.
  • Discover the differences between the working habits, the protocol and the manners of the two countries, all accompanied by a good tea.
  • Fee ~ 25fr /p. for 1 hour of session with traditional Japanese sweets.

Japanese lessons for travel

  • Basic content: greeting, basic expression (from management, at the restaurant, etc.)
  • Price ~ 70 fr / p. (for 2 sessions of 75 minutes, including a tea


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