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MARUtCHA thé japonais

Gyokuro hojicha , 40g

Gyokuro hojicha , 40g

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Roasted green tea

Made from tea plants dedicated to gyokuro and roasted with care.
It contains little caffeine, has a subtle taste – contrasting with the majority of hôjichas on the market – and has a relaxing aroma. A cup of comfort in this damp and dark time.
Harvested in Shizuoka, Japan

Mr. Hattori Production

sweetness ★★
umami ★★
body ★★

90°C 1dl,
1st infusion 30 sec.
2nd infusion 0 sec.
(+ 5 - 10°C)
3rd infusion 0 sec.
(+ 5 - 10°C)

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