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MARUtCHA thé japonais

Tasting Assortment of 5 Different Kinds of Tea

Tasting Assortment of 5 Different Kinds of Tea

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Taste our best sellers. This assortment contains:

  • Superior Sencha

  • Gyokuro : umami-rich green tea

  • Kukicha: mix of stems and leaves of tea with less caffeine

  • Kabusecha: Shade grown tea, less bitterness

  • Sencha Fukamushi: long steamed tea (cloudy infusion)

5g of each, for about 2 or 3 cups. All the tea is harvested in Shizuoka without using pesticides.

Our wrapping is eco-responsible: mini Furoshiki, traditional cloth used for wrapping gifts and transporting various objects, 100% silk.

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