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MARUtCHA thé japonais

Shiboridashi teapot 0.9 dl

Shiboridashi teapot 0.9 dl

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Wabi-sabi style teapot

A ceramic teapot from Shigaraki, Shiga prefecture, one of Japan's "six ancient kilns" renowned for its ceramics.

If Tokonamé is known for its "manéki-neko", Shiragaki is distinguished by its "tanuki". Perhaps you have come across some when entering izakayas in Japan?

The rough surface and earth color of Shiragaki teapots are famous among wabi-sabi style enthusiasts. Its size and shape are ideal for infusing gyokuros and kabusés. It provides maximum space for the leaves to open.

0.9 dl: 1 cup

Cut :

⌀ 7cm x H 7cm
Made in Shiga, Japan



Scald the teapot and it will be ready to use.
Traditionally, an earthenware teapot is not washed with dishwashing liquid.
After use, discard the tea leaves and wash the teapot with water. Remove the lid when you let it dry.

If the tea tannin stains bother you, gently brush the affected area with baking soda mixed with water.

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